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MI 3360 OmegaPAT XA new

New series of OmegaPAT XA brings 4 models of the instrument, intended for professional use in the most demanding applications.
All of them support user accounts, which means that one device can be used by several electricians. Model versions cover the following fields of testing: portable appliances, welding equipment, medical devices and professional testing of PRCD devices. All instruments have an advanced built-in user interface that enables the execution of pre-defined and user-created AUTOSEQUENCE®s.
Large memory capacity (8 GB microSD card) enables the user long term saving and archiving of data. All the instruments are specially designed for long-term testing, since their memory structure enables simple searching through the archive of devices and quick re-execution of (periodic) tests. Great emphasis was put on support for peripheral devices such as printers and barcode or QR code scanners and RFID readers (in Bluetooth and wired versions). On top of that, all instrument versions are supported by our Metrel ES Manager PC software.

Measuring functions

  • Visual inspections;
  • Fuse test;
  • Continuity // Protective earth resistance 200mA;
  • Continuity // Protective earth resistance 10A, 25A (25A, M, F, models only);
  • Insulation Resistance (Riso, Riso-S);
  • Sub-Leakage Current, Substitute Leakage Current - S;
  • Differential Leakage current;
  • PE leakage current;
  • Touch leakage current;
  • Insulation resistance, IEC/EN 62353;
  • Touch leakage current, IEC/EN 62353;
  • Equipment leakage (direct, differential, alternative) IEC/EN 62353;
  • Applied part leakage (direct, alternative), IEC/EN 62353;
  • Insulation resistance, (optional A 1422) IEC/EN 60974-4;
  • Welding circuit leakage, (optional A 1422) IEC/EN 60974-4;
  • Primary leakage, (optional A 1422) IEC/EN 60974-4;
  • No-load voltage, (optional A 1422) IEC/EN 60974-4;
  • Power (P, S, Q, PF, THDu, THDi, CosØ, I, U,);
  • PRCD test, (2 pole, 3 pole, K/ Di (varistor), S (3-pole));
  • PRCD PE probe test, PRCD open conductor test, PE conductor (PRCD) test;
  • RCD test, (type A, AC, B, B+, F);
  • Flash test, (1500V, 3000V);
  • Polarity / Active polarity test;
  • Clamp current (with optional A 1283).

Key features

  • Touch screen: high resolution colour touch screen, 4.3” TFT.
  • Double manipulation: keyboard and touch screen enable the user to control the instrument in any manner they like.
  • Pre-defined AUTOSEQUENCE®s: enable the user simple and quick execution of test sequence for the chosen device.
  • Read the code and test: QR and barcode system of labelling in combination with AUTOSEQUENCE®s enables the user quick and simple testing of electrical devices.
  • Testing groups: the instruments have built-in filters in accordance with their area of application, which enables the user simple choice of needed test sequences.
  • Support for PRCD testing: support for all types of PRCDs, including 2-pole, 3-pole, K/Di (varistor), S (3 pole) and testing with the PE probe.
  • Support for RCD testing: all instruments support testing of A, AC, B, B+ and F RCDs.
  • Fuse testing: the instrument has a special, integrated testing module for quick testing of all types of fuses.
  • Hard-wired devices: the instruments have integrated additional test terminals that enable the user simple testing of hard-wired devices.
  • High-voltage testing (only MI 3360 F): the instrument enables insulation resistance measurement that has to be performed after repairs or maintenance of electrical devices.
  • Testing of medical devices (only MI 3360 M): the instrument enables testing of medical devices in accordance with IEC/EN 62353.
  • Testing of welding equipment (only in combination with A 1422): all models of OmegaPAT XA support testing of welding equipment in accordance with IEC/EN 60974-4.
  • Large memory: support for microSD memory cards, 8 GB card already integrated in the instrument, although that can be expanded to 32 GB.
  • PC SW Metrel ES Manager: enables creation of test structures, user-defined AUTOSEQUENCE®s, professional test reports and data transfer for archiving.
  • aMESM Android SW: enables QR code scanning, and uploading of pre-prepared user-defined AUTOSEQUENCE®s.


  • Testing of portable electrical equipment;
  • Testing of fixed installed electrical equipment;
  • Testing of medical electrical equipment;
  • Testing of 3-phase electrical equipment;
  • Testing of electrical welding equipment;
  • Testing of portable switchboards with integrated PRCD switches;
  • Testing of extension leads with integrated PRCD switches.

PC software

The Metrel Electrical Safety Manager is a common application for management of wide palette of Metrel’s electrical safety testers, portable appliance testers, machine testers and industrial safety testers. This application has a unified user interface with the new generation of Metrel’s instruments - same view same meaning. It enables the pretreatment for the measurements, viewing and editing of the measurement results and generation of professional reports. Depending on the instrument model or type the user can create AUTOSEQUENCEs, custom tests or single tests. They can be integrated into the custom created test structures and then uploaded into the measurement instrument.

Technical data

Dimensions (w x h x l): 31 cm × 13 cm × 25 cm

Mass (without accessories): 6.1 kg

MI 3360 Standard set MI 3360

  • Instrument MI 3360 OmegaPAT XA
  • Bag for accessories
  • Smartball pen with touch screen function
  • Flash test probe (MI 3360 F only)
  • Crocodile clip, red (MI 3360 F only)
  • IEC test cable, 2 m
  • Test lead, black
  • Test tip, black
  • Alligator clip, black
  • Mains cable
  • USB cable
  • Calibration Certificate
  • Short form instruction manual
  • CD with instruction manual (full version) and PC SW Metrel ES Manager