Product name: Metrel Electrical Safety Manager

Product type: PC SW Application


Release date: 28.2.2024




Metrel Electrical Safety Manager – a common application for the management of the new generation of Metrel’s instruments.


With this application the wide palette of Metrel’s electrical safety testers, portable appliance testers, machine testers and industrial safety testers can be now managed by one single application. This application has a unified user interface with the new generation of Metrel’s instruments – same view same meaning. It enables the pre-treatment for the related measurements, viewing and editing of the measurement results and generation of various professional reports. Depending on the model or type of the target instrument the user can create AUTO SEQUENCE® tests, custom tests or single tests. They can be integrated into the custom created test structures and then uploaded into the measurement instrument.

The downloaded measurement results can be viewed, analysed, edited and finally a professional report can be created and printed. These professional reports are based on predefined templates according to the national standards or the rules of regulatory organisations where the user enters all the needed protocol data while the measurement results are automatically inserted into the predefined forms.


This application is fully compatible with the new generation of Metrel’s multifunction testers, starting with CE MultitesterXA and EurotestXC. With limited functionality some of the predecessor models like EurotestXE or EurotestCombo are also supported.


The following instrument models are fully supported in MESM:

·         MI 3365 OmegaEE XD

·         MI 3152 EurotestXC

·         MI 3152H EurotestXC 2,5kV

·         MI 3154  EurotestXDs

·         MI 3155  EurotestXD

·         MI 3280 Digital Transformer Analyser

·         MI 3281 Winding Resistance Analyser

·         MI 3290 EarthAnalyser

·         MI 3325 MultiServicerXD

·         MI 3360 OmegaPAT XA

·         MI 3394 CE MultiTesterXA

·         MI 3394 XS CE MultiTesterXS

·         MI 3365 MI 3365 OmegaEE XD

·         MI 3132 EV Tester

·         MI 3115 PV Analyser


Fully supported previous generation Metrel instruments:

·         MI 3100 SE EurotestEASI

·         MI3100B SE EurotestEASI

·         MI 3102 BT EurotestXE

·         MI 3102H BT EurotestXE 2,5kV

·         MI 3102H SE EurotestXE 2,5kV

·         MI 3108 EurotestPV

·         MI 3109 EurotestPV Lite

·         MI 3125 BT EurotestCOMBO

·         MI 3295 Step Contact Voltage Measuring System

·         MI 3309 BT DeltaPAT


Partially supported instruments:

·         MI 3101 EurotestAT (structure import from *.EUL files only)

·         MI 3105 EurotestXA (structure import from *.EUL files only)

·         MI 3310 SigmaPAT (structure import from *.PXML files only)


Supported Android applications:

·           aMESM

·           aPAT


Supported Operating Systems:

·         Microsoft Windows 8 and 8.1

·         Microsoft Windows 10

·         Microsoft Windows 11


Supported Languages:



Description of changes and history:



Metrel ES Manager



Release date

Description of changes:



·         Support for MI 3115

·         Access to Metrel Cloud Reports for MI 3115

·         PV database explorer

·         Children nodes and measurements in tree structure can inherit data from parents in PV

·         Improved graphs for PV

·         Temperature coefficients can have absolute or relative form

·         Selected PV module can be edited

·         SW set name changed for Australian customers

·         OVA reports now correctly insert dates and signatures

·         Fixed bug for connectivity of MI 3155 and MI 3152

·         Fixed bug with saving fuse data into structure element

·         Various bugfixes



·         Single tests for MI 3365

·         Added EV reports

·         Fixed issues with importing Euro Link licence for German market

·         Fixed issued with WRA licence for Polish market

·         Improved translations

·         Various bugfixes



·         Fixed system dates on MI 3309 reports

·         Debugged A 1600

·         Merge files keeps the attachments

·         Included newest version of Czech Help

·         Debugged WRA report

·         Removed new firmware notification for unsupported series MI 3360

·         MD 9273 fixed graphs

·         MD 9273 available in Machine/Switchgears region

·         Imported licence from Euro Link correctly includes German reports

·         Support for Instructed/Skilled user in Autosequences

·         Support for MI 3365

·         Various bugfixes



·         Updated required for update of MI 3360 to new EN standards

·         Added WRA report

·         Added EV report

·         Added import structure from Excel for PAT structures

·         Updated filtering solution for structure and measurements

·         Solved problems with signature preview

·         Updated translations

·         Various bugfixes



·         Bug fix: Connect data transfer error

·         Bug fix: .NET error in Report generator

·         Bug fix: Clear logo error in Report settings



·         Updated translations for Swiss languages

·         Various bugfixes


1.19. 7847


·         Added basic support for MI 3132 (no professional reports).

·         Full support for MI 3108 and MI 3109.

·         Notification about FW upgrade now depends on the HW version of the instrument.

·         Risk Analysis feature.

·         Markings for pass and no status measurements visible in the tree view along with empty and failed.

·         Support for Ethernet communication.

·         User can print reports from manually added measurement.

·         Custom lists can be uploaded to instruments.

·         Signatures in JPEG form can be added to the reports.

·         Comments are now visible in export to Excel, Basic report and Print results.

·         Filter by Appliance parameters.

·         Improvements in reports for Slovenia, Spain and Chile.

·         New EULA.

·         Various bugfixes and improvements.



  • All files now have digital certificate to resolve a problem with driver installation
  • Improved behaviour of STOP functionality during communication with instrument
  • FW upgrade warning is more visible
  • eCheck mark is no longer default
  • Notification about replacing data on old generation testers
  • MESM now remembers the unticked report pages after the report is saved
  • Upgrade to Polish report translations
  • Visual inspections with MI 3309 now have a timestamp
  • Improved workflow when importing data from aPAT
  • It-CH language support
  • Additional limits range available for Auto Sequences for MI 3309
  • Additional warning about the chosen SW set for older instrument
  • Upgraded IET reports
  • EVSE reports in Machine workscope
  • FW upgrades for OEM customers
  • Removed the word 'nothing' from reports
  • Added information about User to Machine, EVSE, EETR_INST, EETR Single in Equipment reports
  • Default font in reports is now Klavika
  • Support for new instruments MI 3288 and MI 3281
  • Calibration date bug fixed
  • Various issues with Swiss reports fixed
  • Various bugs in Auto Sequence editor resolved
  • Various bugfixes
  • Issues with Austrian installations fixed (Ik factor, default value for Zauto and Selectivity)



·           Minor bug fixes.



·         All supported languages updated.

·         Fixed PDF reports creation.

·         Various other bug fixes.



·         Various bug fixes.



·         Various bug fixes.


Newly supported instruments and adapters:

·         Full MI 3309 BT DeltaPAT support (PSS-2011, PSS-2178).

·         MI 3394 XS CE MultiTesterXS (SWH-693).

·         A 1600 (SWH-630).

·         A 1722 PRCD adapter: new appliance structure object in installation region and EETR installation report (SWH-700).



·         Added IEC-HD 60364-6 report translation: DNK (PSS-2121), NOR(PSS-2121), SWE (PSS-2121), FIN (PSS-2135)

·         Added LPS MPE Ex-zone report translations: DNK (PSS-2121), NOR(PSS-2121), SWE (PSS-2121) and updated DEU translations (PSS-2266, PSS-1864).

·         Added EVSE report translations: DNK (PSS-2121), NOR(PSS-2121), SWE (PSS-2121)

·         Added Machine report translations: DNK (PSS-2121), NOR(PSS-2121), SWE (PSS-2121), NLD (PSS-1992)

·         Added EETR Pro report translations: ITA (PSS-1770), FIN (PSS-2135)

·         Added EETR FD Single report translations: ITA (PSS-1770), FIN (PSS-2135)

·         Added EETR Single report translations: ITA (PSS-1770), FIN (PSS-2135)

·         Added Equipment Report translations: ITA (PSS-1770)

·         Added Electrical Equipment test report in Installations region (A 1722 PRCD Adapter support) (SWH-700). Supported language versions: ENG, DEU, DE-CH, FR-CH

·         Added new Swiss installation reports: SiNa & MPP (German version), RS & PEM (French version) and RaSi & PPM reports (Italian version) (PSS-1340).

·         Added automatic client number insertion into reports (PSS-1029, PSS-2939).

·         Updated OVE and ZVEH reports (PSS-1323, PSS-1029, PSS-1506).

·         Automatic filling-in of power distributor field in ZVEH, OVE and HD-60364-6 reports (all languages) (PSS-1029).

·         Added automatic fill-out of Cable/Type column in HD 60364-6, OVE and ZVEH reports based on the selected setting of the 'Cable Type' parameter (PSS-255, PSS-1319, PSS-1687, PSS-1969).

·         Show worst case results alongside all measurement data under structure object in HD 60364-6, OVE and ZVEH reports (PSS-200, PSS-1029, PSS-1323).

·         Modified look and feel of Pro report editor. Page presentation of data ensures faster report loading.

·         Added possibility to select which data from the MESM database to put into MESM reports (PSS-1943).

·         Various report bug fixes. (PSS-1322, PSS-2245, PSS-2279, PSS-2691, PSS-2940).


Additional features:

·         Added EVSE support for MI 3325 MultiServicerXD (SWH-597).

·         Added support for duration and reference field parameter in voltage function on installation testers (PSS-2694).

·         Added side-by-side project comparison (SWH-666).

·         Open location of file in Recent opened file section (SWH-726).

·         Improved user interaction in import function (SWH-643).


MESM Help:

·         Updated English MESM Help.

·         Added new Czech Help file (PSS-2314, PSS-2216).

·         Added new Slovak Help file (SWH-708).



·         Updated MESM translations: CZE, GRC, POL.

·         Fixed text overwriting in installation reports (HD 60364-6, ZVEH, OVE).

·         Removed reference method and type of wring from cable type column in installation reports (HD 60364-6, ZVEH, OVE). Added A1, A2, B1 and B2 attributes to reference method and type of wring. Cable type column is editable.

·         Added a new universal Equipment report based on Machine report available for all PAT structure elements. Available in ENG, DEU, FRA, SLK, SLV.

·         EETR reports included in all Machine, Switchgear and PAT testing regions.

·         Upgraded Appliance info Flow command functionality.

·         Added support for adapter A 1600.

·         Added support for BT leakage clamp MD 9273 measurements.

·         Included MESM help files in CZE, DEU, ENG, FRA.



·         Bug fixes.



·         First use wizard.

·         New Connect window for transferring workspace (*.padfx) and Auto Sequence (*.atmpx) files.

·         Added new English version of MESM Help manual.

·         Language upgrades in MESM: FRA

·         Newly supported languages in MESM: KOR

·         Added reports:

o   HRV (HD 60364-6)

·         Updated reports:

o   SVK

o   SVN (HD 60364-6)

o   All supported EETR reports have the possibility to select EVSE cable.

·         EETR direct printing of multiple reports from Report selector window.

·         Various bug fixes.



·         Added Greek professional reports: KEHE, HD 384

·         IET reports for UK now distinguish between Circuit fuse standard (BS, EN) and Circuit fuse type.

·         Added file check when opening *.padfx files (returns error case of fault in the structure).

·         Upgraded languages: CZE, GRC, POL



·         Professional reports: PDF size optimization.

·         Updated professional MESM reports: POL, UK (IET).

·         Added meta-data (date and time) to configurable inspections (e.g. visual inspections, RCD push button test (AUS)).

·         Added language support: GRC.

·         Bug fix: upgrading of MESM and connected devices’ FW.



·         Auto Sequence® upload moved to MESM BASIC license1.

·         Workspace upload moved to BASIC MESM license.

·         New export from MESM to excel function supported in MESM PRO license.

·         Added new IET reports based on the 18th Edition of standard BS 7671.

·         Report filtering based on selected structure object.

·         Report print of maximum 10 selected reports.

·         Modification of titles in the lighting report: choosing between four predefined titles as well as writing your own.

·         Page selector: only selected pages in professional reports are renumbered and printed or saved to PDF.

·         Language update: CZE, DEU, NLD


Note1: Not supported in MI 3152 and MI 3152H.



·         Updated English version of MESM Help.

·         Language update: ESP, ITA, NLD, PRT, SVK

·         Various bug fixes:

o   MI 3360 communication failure.

o   Opening the MESM lightning report.

o   Longer test results in IEC HD 60364-6 report are unreadable (bug is still present in WIN 7 when scaling different than 100%).



·         Added import from aPAT function.

·         Added Machine, Switchgear and PAT testing regions to support the MI 3325 MultiServicerXD.

·         BASIC license allows uploading of structures with measurements and Auto Sequences in HV region.

·         Flow command FLOW PROTOCOL has been removed from Machine, Switchgear and PAT testing regions.

·         Added filtering based on measurement status.

·         Language updates: ESP, FR-CH



·         Added new translations of MESM reports: FRA, SLO

·         Added ZVEH reports to CHE PRO licence codes.

·         Updated languages: DEU, RUS

·         Bug fix: creating reports with padfx files created with older MESM versions.



·         Language update: DEU.

·         Bug fix in EVSE report templates for SLO and FRA (CHE).

·         Bug fix in EETR PRO ENG report (saving and section naming).

·         Various bug fixes.



·         New report manager.

·         Added mixing of regions (PAT and EIS).

·         Added support for Suomi (Finland).

·         Import of structure of older PAT devices into MESM.

·         EVSE and Machine elements without measurements shown in electrical installation safety reports.

·         Improved grad and drop function.

·         Bug fix: editing of PAT reports is now possible.



·         Added MI 3155 EurotestXD support.

·         Added MI 3309 BT DeltaPAT support.

·         New simple universal report for all regions.

·         DEU Lightning, MPE and Ex-Zone report.

·         Complete printout of comments in the report.

·         Added fields in the PDEG_PRO - DEU report.

·         Enabled manual/automated page numbering.

·         Correction of ZVEH/EIS reports.

·         Bug fixes.



·         Added language support for: Portuguese language.

·         Updated language support for: DEU, CH-DEU, CH-FR, LTU, NLD, POL, CZE.

·         Adaptations of communication.

·         Preparation for .NET Framework 4.6.

·         Added support for MI 3295.

·         Improved Machine and PAT reports.

·         Added reports: report EETR_FD, EETR_Single and EETR_PRO, EVSE Report, POR report for Machine for NLD and CHE.

·         EIS report for NLD.

·         Lightening report for CH-DEU.

·         Auto print for Production Line Testing.

·         Fuses: added options “no limit” and “custom limit”.

·         Time filter for selection of the tests included in report



·         NLD translation for EIS (Electrical Installation Safety) report.

·         Translations for MACHINE report (DEU, CHE-DEU).

·         CHE-DEU translation for Single EETR (Electrical Equipment Test Report) report.

·         CHE-DEU translation for PRO EETR (Electrical Equipment Test Report) report.

·         CHE-DEU translation for Lightning report.

·         CHE-DEU language support.

·         Updated language support (CHE-FRA, POL).

·         Upgraded mixing of regions (added structure elements Machine, Switchboard, Element).

·         MESM setup upgraded to support .NET Framework 4.6.

·         Auto Sequence measurements in electrical installation safety included in test reports.



·         Added support for MI 3360 Omega PAT XA.

·         EETR reports added.

·         Lithuanian language added.

·         Improved translations: SWE, DNK, NOR, ESP.

·         Added EIS reports: SVK.

·         Added Custom Inspections tool (Editor, report support).

·         Added Upcoming Tests tool.



·         Bug fix in Structure editor.



·         PAT reports: SVK.

·         Updated translations: SVK, CZE.

·         Test visualisation of 3-Phase circuits.

·         Improved functionality for instruments of previous generation.

·         RSS feeds and videos links on Home page.



Major release

·         Lightning reports (ENG, CZE, POL, SVK).

·         EVSE reports (ENG, CZE, POL, SVK).

·         Full import of .EUL files from instruments of previous generation.

·         Automated licence key generation for instruments of previous generation.

·         Implementation of Australian specific requirements.

·         Full support for AUTO SEQUNCE® download/upload.

·         Auto merge at download.

·         Improved Multilanguage support.

·         Translation corrections.

·         Multiple select (tree and upload/download).

·         With this release also the minimum FW version of supported instruments is requested:

Inst. Model          FW version     Profile

MI 3152HXC      AMxx

MI 3152XC     ALxx

MI 3102BT 2.1.48-E1         ABxx

MI 3394      ANxx

MI 3290       ARxx

MI 3280        ARxx

MI 3309    3.1.210-E         AQxx

MI 3125 BT 4.3.42-E          AJxx



·         Measurement list is structured into groups.

·         Added PAT custom AUTO SEQUENCE® editor functionality.

·         Multiple select.

·         Workspaces download handler.



·         Added report for lightning protection system, MPE and Explosive zones.

·         Added workspace export.

·         Added MESM support for custom limits in FW.

·         Added MESM support for Z Auto function in FW.

·         Basic export to excel enabled in BASIC license.



·         PAT Full Detailed report in table form.

·         Visual inspections support in PAT report.

·         Added user account support in MESM.

·         Added adapter info support for PAT testers.

·         Added possibility to view release notes at all times.

·         Added export licenses support.

·         Added default structures and AUTO SEQUENCE® groups for PAT region.

·         Improved resolution for result printing in PAT report.

·         Improved AUTO SEQUENCE® editor. Added detailed overview of test steps.



·         Added languages support: FRENCH, DUTCH.

·         Added search functionality inside the structure and in Auto Sequence® editor.

·         Added Auto Sequence level in the structure view.



·         Modified Result Printout.

·         Bug fixes.



·         Added Czech and Polish report.

·         Added SINA report.

·         Added Slovak language support.

·         Improved Auto Sequence editor.



·         Added SVK and POL profiles for MI 3152H.

·         Compatibility upgrade for MI 3394 ver. 1.55.2.


Exception: MI 3394 CE MultiTesterXA Voltage drop function, (ΔU) function Correlation between Wire cross-section parameter and ΔU Limit value is not yet fully implemented in this release of MESM. It will be updated in MESM ver. 1.3.



Updated structure editor.



·         Added languages support: SVK, NLD.

·         Added support for MI 3290.

·         Added AUTOTEST Editor.

·         Improvements and corrected bugs:

o   Eliminated problem of slow operation.

o   Eliminated problem of 32 bit system.



·         Added language support: ESP, RUS, CZE, HUN, NOR, SWE, DNK, POL.



·         This is the first official release.



Metrel Electrical Safety Manager can be downloaded from Download centre on Metrel’s WEB page.

An upgrade can be done directly from the application: from main menu select About and then follow the offered links.

No special installation instructions are needed.



Basic version of Metrel Electrical Safety Manager is a free SW. Advanced functionality is defined by the licence key(s) which is(are) always related to the serial number of the instrument. Depending on the licence key and purchased set a specific advanced features like upload, creation of various professional reports, post processing or languages are enabled or disabled.

Licence keys for additional functions are usually localised and can be ordered via Metrel’s distributors.



BT connectivity between instruments and PC is working in most cases but there are still some compatibility problems therefore this functionality is not released yet.





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