Metrel’s range of products covering electrical safety and quality on a wide spectrum of applications with standardized measuring methods and testing solutions. We strive to offer several solutions for fast and efficient maintenance and troubleshooting.

Electrical safety is a wide field and cover electrical installation safety (low voltage electrical installations, from power transformer to connected loads), industrial electrical safety (machines, switchgears, CE marking) and PAT (portable appliance) testing. You can read more about it and our testing solutions in the brochures.

Industrial applications are primarily those, connected with power quality analysis (PQA) and associated predictive maintenance, testing power correction equipment performance and verification of electrical system capacity before adding loads. You can read more about them in the brochures.

Power generation, transmission and distribution system with its protection and installations from HV, MV and above 1 kV to LV systems encompass solutions for testing and analysis of power generators, power systems, HV towers, substations, earth systems, transport systems, industrial power systems, antenna towers, photovoltaics systems and construction building sites. You can read more about them in the brochure.

Facility management is a term we use in connection with solutions for testing and analysis of maintenance and care of commercial or institutional buildings, hospitals, hotels, office complexes, arenas, schools or convention centres. You can read more about them in the brochure.

Photovoltaics or more precisely photovoltaic installations compromise not just solar panels, but also complementary electrical installations, which require specific measuring and testing solutions. You can read more about them in the brochure.

Training facilities are materials, including training and demonstration tools, intended for training electricians, safety inspectors, engineers and new Metrel’s products users. You can view them in the Product finder or in Metrel Academy.