MI 3099 Demonstration Board

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Demonstration board MI 3099 simulates typical electrical installation usually met in individual houses or apartments with important elements on switchboard and on circuit site. Demonstration board is intended for use preferably by sales personnel when demonstrating operation of electrical installation test equipment, especially the new Metrel’s electrically installations safety testers with built-in AUTOSEQUENCE procedure.



Key features

  • The board contains real elements of electrical installation like RCD, mains switch, automatic fuses, switches, lamps, 1-phase and 3-phase mains test outlet, N and PE collector.
  • All standardised testing methods can be presented.
  • TN or TT system with or without RCD can be simulated.
  • Possibility of connection to single phase or 3-phase supply system.
  • Various Autosequence test procedures are supported for demonstration of testing safety by new EurotestAT and EurotestXA.
  • Demonstration board is put in the strong rugged case with a handle for comfortable carrying.

Technical data

  • Dimensions (w x h x l): 480 × 387 × 136 mm
  • Weight (without accessories): 5 kg


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