MI 2891 Power Simulator

Equipment for Laboratories and Schools

The MI 2891 Power Simulator is a multi-purpose three phase power simulator for simulating typical situations in low voltage power supply systems. It is an excellent tool for training, demonstration purposes, or as an electrical didactic tool. The simulator has some pre-programmed scenarios, and also the option of a complete manual mode. The user can decide between different Load character adjustments, adjustable current and voltage level with a simulation of varios different faulty conditions

Measuring functions

  • Voltage
  • Current
  • Frequency
  • Harmonics (U,I)
  • Phase angle (U,I)
  • Flicker
  • Phase sequence (U,I)

Key features

  • Simple and powerful waveform generator with various settings.
  • 4 voltage channels with wide simulation range: up to 350 Vrms.
  • 4 current channels with current clamps simulation up to 2 kA.
  • Simultaneous voltage and current (8 channels) simulation, 16 bit DA conversion for accurate signal generation,
  • Dip, swell, interrupt, signalling, transient and inrush events simulation.
  • Voltage and current harmonics waveform simulation.
  • Unbalanced voltage and current waveform simulation.
  • Square flicker simulation.
  • Various character load/character type combination simulation.
  • Thorough signal parameters settings.
  • Saving current system settings on power off.
  • 4.3’’ TFT colour display.

Technical data

  • Dimensions: 230 x 140 x 80 mm
  • Mass: 1,34 kg

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