SW 1307 EuroLink Android


The EuroLink Android is a data management tool for android tablets and smart phones. It is used in the field together with Metrel’s Electrical Installation Safety testers to serve as a measurement pre- and post-processing tool. It also enables the wireless communication between instrument and Android device on one side and bunch of wireless communication methods between Android device and PC.


Key features

  • Attach notes, Photographs, Audio or Video Files;
  • Create Structure of Electrical Installation at the site;
  • Upload Structure of Electrical Installation to your test instrument;
  • Download measurement results to EuroLink Android application;
  • Transfer Data, Share files or Send them through your Tablet or Smart Phone Tools to your Office for further manipulation;
  • It is compatible with EuroLink PRO and EuroLinkPRO Plus PC SW;
  • It supports Bluetooth dongle or built-in BT enabling communication channel between the below listed measuring instruments and a smart phone or a tablet with Android OS and installed application EuroLink Android.


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Android SW 1307 Eurolink Android en 04.01.2021 QR code External link Unknown