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PQA: Standard vs Limited general recorder

Increasing recording time at a short registration periods is a well-known issue in power quality analysis that prompted us to invent two distinct solutions. One is auto recorder restart (presented in newsletter “PQA: Short registration period vs long time recording” [link do newslettra]), the other is to select between two pre-defined integrated recording profiles that best suit user’s needs.
They are the Standard profile, which includes all recorded measurements (approx. 5220 registers) and is suitable for most PQA application and the Limited profile. The latter includes only a limited set (most important ones) of measurements (approx. 1220 registers) and is most suitable for long term recording with a short interval (1 week long record with a 1 second interval).

Main differences between the Standard / Limited profile:
  • Limited profile registers only average (AVRG) values for P, Q, S, energy and harmonics, while the Standard profile also registers MIN, MAX, AVRGON values.
  • Limited profile doesn’t register 10 s frequency values and interharmonics.
More detailed overview of recording duration for different interval period in comparison with profile selection.
 Standard profile
Limited profile
1 sec12 hours / 1666MB7 days / 2657 MB
3 sec2 days / 2221MB15 days / 1898 MB
5 sec3 days / 1999 MB30 days / 2278 MB
10 sec7 days / 2332 MB60 days / 2278 MB
1 min30 days / 1666 MB60 days / 379 MB
2 min60 days / 1666 MB60 days / 189 MB
5 min60 days60 days
10 min60 days60 days
15 min60 days60 days
30 min60 days60 days
60 min60 days60 days
120 min60 days60 days
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