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PAT: Multiple point testing

In this newsletter we will explore how to correctly test extension leads and power cords with a Portable Appliance Tester (in this case the MI 3360 OmegaGT XA). First, it is important that the PAT tester enables connection of both ends of the extension lead cable, second, the test sequence carried out for an extension lead testing must consist of an Earth Continuity, Insulation Resistance and Polarity test.
The Polarity test checks that the lead is wired correctly, this can only be done reliably with a test instrument that has access to both sides of a power cord. In case of multiple socket outlets it is a good practice to test and document each individual socket.

For this reason Metrel has developed a special feature which enables the user to repeat and document each relevant test as many times as needed. The feature is called Multiple point testing, and can be selected for all relevant measuring functions.

Selection for multiple point testing can be done on-the-fly, enabling the use of standard test sequences. Test results are automatically saved in the instrument’s memory (full traceability over all test points) and can be reviewed by the user at his/her leisure.
Extension lead test: Continuity
Extension lead test: Polarity
Extension lead test: Memory
Multiple point testing
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