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NEW product: MI 2884 Energy Master XA

Not everything is for everyone is a saying that is applicable even in the test and measurement industry. Advanced instruments may offer a myriad of functions, but some users may require only a few of them and are reluctant to pay considerably more for a product with more features they need.
Field of power quality analysis is no exception and many a time a potential customer is dissuaded by high prices of more advanced power. We have identified that also in markets where we are present, leading to the design of a new power quality analyser, the MI 2884 Energy Master XA.
The MI 2884 Energy Master XA is an in-between model; more advanced than the MI 2883 Energy Master, yet classified as a Class S 0,2 % analyser when it comes to accuracy. Amongst supported features (not found in MI 2883 Energy Master) are:
  • Monitoring and recording of inrush currents.
  • Displaying, recording, and snapshotting of waveform/inrush.
  • Recording of transients (sampling frequency on transients recording 30.6 k Samples/sec).
  • Current clamp auto range selection.

Contact your designated area sales manager for more information about availability and pricing.
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