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PAT: Data transfer from MI 3310 to MI 3360

Constant evolution of our testing & measuring solutions is one of our core values as is continuous support for existing products through their entire life cycle. On top of that we take careful steps (through user interface and ergonomic design) to ensure that new users have little difficulty moving from an older product to the new one. In some specific instruments they can even transfer their measurement results and other data from the old model to the new one.

The MI 3360 OmegaGT XA is one such example as it supports data transfer from former flagship of the PAT line of Metrel products, i.e. MI 3310 SigmaGT. The MI 3360 OmegaGT XA offers a number of new features in comparison with its predecessor on top of greater (wireless) connectivity with accessories (Bluetooth scanners etc.), PC and Android mobile devices.
Users of MI 3310 SigmaGT that are thinking to switch to MI 3360 OmegaGT XA therefore don’t have to worry they will lose their data as they can easily and conveniently transfer data from the old instrument to the new one with just a few clicks.

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