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NEW product line: thermal cameras

Thermal cameras have become an indispensable troubleshooting tool, not only in the electrical industry, but for a wide variety of other applications, like finding faults in thermal insulation in buildings etc. In electrical engineering they are suitable for locating overheated wires and contacts, windings in motors and transformers and much more.

We have therefore decided to enhance our product portfolio with a line of thermal cameras, ranging from an advanced, dedicated IR imager model to an entry model, which also offers features not commonly found in thermal cameras. They all boast a fast, 50 Hz refresh rate and rugged housing and a long battery life for trouble free work in even the most demanding field conditions. More about each specific model down below.  
The MD 9930 Thermal camera is the flagship of our line of thermal camera since it boasts an IR sensor with the highest resolution and has the largest array of features.

The MD 9910 Thermal camera is an intermediate model with an excellent features-to-price ratio.

The MD 9880 Thermal TRMS Multimeter is different from the other two cameras since it combines a thermal imager with a multimeter, giving the user a unique troubleshooting tool for a variety of applications.

More about Thermal cameras
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