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VIDEO: MI 3155 EurotestXD & A 1507 3-Phase Active Switch

Testing 3-phase electrical installations can be arduous, but only if not done with our A 1507 3-Phase Active Switch as depicted in the video down below (testing the correct phase sequence on a 3-phase socket).

The video likewise depicts using the aforementioned combination for testing phase sequence the origin of the (3-phase) electrical installation.
The A 1507 3-Phase Active Switch can also be used with MI 3152 EurotestXC or MI 3152H EurotestXC 2,5 kV and supports a number of other measurement/testing functionalities, including:
  • Voltage
  • Continuity of protective conductor
  • Resistance N-PE
  • Insulation resistances
  • Resistance to earth
  • Line and Loop impedances
  • RCD testing
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