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VIDEO: EVSE testing with MI 3155 EurotestXD &

A 1532 EVSE adapter

Another demonstrational video for EVSE testing with our products: A 1532 EVSE adapter & MI 3155 EurotestXD combination.
The video depicts the usefulness of Auto Sequences® testing sequences in testing 3-phase charging stations and a hidden hack that expedites the testing of a specific model of charging station.
The A 1532 EVSE adapter is fully supported in MI 3155 EurotestXD and MI 3152 EurotestXC (MI 3152H EurotestXC 2,5 kV) testers, but only partially supported in other Eurotest multifunctional electrical installation safety testers (full list of supported testers on the website/in single leaflet).
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