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NEW FW release for MI 3155 EurotestXD

We have released the latest version of firmware (FW) for our flagship Eurotest tester. The FW version 1.11.20 for MI 3155 EurotestXD brings several new important features, making the tester even more versatile. 
General NEW features:
  • Support for single phase testing in a 3-phase system in Voltage function when using A 1507 in combination with MI 3155 -> Elucidated in a yet to be released newsletter.
  • Addition of duration parameter in the Voltage function for better Auto Sequence® automation -> Elucidated in a yet to be released newsletter.
  • Support for rotation testing in Voltage function -> Elucidated in a yet to be released newsletter.
  • Addition of status search support and overall improved search function in memory organizer.
In addition to the already known fields of Name and Equipment ID, new fields:
  • Status field
  • Test date field
  • Retest date field have been added
In the status field, the user may filter according to the status of a measurement with options:
  • No filter (default)
  • Pass
  • Fail
  • Empty
  • Checked / no status
For the test and retest date it is possible to select:
  • From date
  • To date
  • From and To dates
  • Addition of Cable Type parameter with custom value support to the structure object Circuit.
  • Addition of enhanced structure element RCD with parameters (AssetID, test date, retest date, retest period). In locations where RCDs are one of the most important parts of the installation and have to be regularly checked, we have added additional parameters for easier traceability of RCDs. Additionally, as rooms and installations get renovated, RCDs can get relocated – we have added a parameter to show the location of a RCD.
Country (Australia) specific features:
  • Updated Loop/fuse tables according to Australian standard AS 3000.
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