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NEW FW release for MI 3155 EurotestXD – part 2

This second newsletter about the latest FW release (1.11.20) for MI 3155 EurotestXD explores the more complex new features connected to the Voltage function and new Auto Sequence® test sequence.
General (remaining) new features:
  • Support for single phase testing in a 3-phase system in Voltage function when using A 1507 3-Phase Active Switch in combination with MI 3155 EurotestXD. With the assistance of the A 1507 3-Phase Active Switch and by selecting a 1-phase system with a particular parameter Test L1, L2, L3 it is possible to create an Auto Sequence® which will perform all the needed tests quickly and easily.
  • Addition of duration parameter in the Voltage function for better Auto Sequence® automation. If the new Duration parameter is set, then there is practically no need for the test operator to press any additional buttons as the Auto Sequence® will run from the beginning to the end virtually itself. It will even be automatically saved to the structure if so prepared.
  • Support for rotation testing in Voltage function. After all the voltages have been verified towards the N and PE, it is further possible to select a 3-phase system and verify the (user-defined) rotation. This is even more crucial to do when we intend to connect 3-phase loads to the installation, especially rotating machines.
The specific Auto Sequence® that is mentioned throughout the newsletter and that can perform all the listed tasks in less than 30 seconds is also available for download (link down below).

Download Auto Sequence®
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