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Metrel end-of-line (EOL) testing solution – part 2

The heart or the central control unit of the Metrel EOL testing suite is the MI 3394 CE MultiTesterXS. As the name implies, it is derived from the MI 3394 CE MultiTester model and shares virtually all the main functionalities (more about them down below). However, it has several new features, including an equipotential bonding terminal and a terminal for connecting safety modules, which will be covered in-depth in the future newsletters.
Main features:
  • Control of measuring circuits with integrated safety modules (NEW).
  • Limitation of current in HV testing to safe level in combination with safety module (NEW).
  • Electrical safety testing in accordance with EN 50191 (NEW).
  • Over 20 different measurements and tests.
  • AUTO SEQUENCEs: automated test sequences, which can be remotely driven via black-box protocol.
  • Support for integration with other SW systems
  • Large memory space
  • Versatile PC software (Metrel ES Manager).
  • RS-232, USB, Ethernet and Bluetooth communication ports.
  • Support for scanners and printers.
Supported tests and measurements:
  • Visual & functional inspections (user defined inspections can be defined in MESM PC software).
  • Earth continuity testing ((2-W, 4-W) test current 200 mA, 4 A, 10 A, 25 A).
  • Insulation resistance measurement ((Riso, Riso-S) test voltage 50 V, 100 V, 250 V, 500 V, 1000 V).
  • Substitute leakage measurement ((Isub, Isub-S) test voltage < 50 V AC (current recalculated to 110V or 230 V)).
  • Differential leakage measurement (@ mains voltage).
  • Ipe leakage measurement (@ mains voltage).
  • Touch leakage measurement (@ mains voltage).
  • Leaks & power measurement (@ mains voltage).
  • HV AC, HV AC programmable testing (100 V – 5100 V, 10 V steps, output power 500 VA max., short circuit current > 200 mA, high limit 100 mA).
  • HV DC, HV DC programmable testing (500 V – 6000 V, 50 V steps, high limit 10 mA).
  • Discharging time measurement (limits (34 V, 60 V, 120 V)).
  • Power measurements (P, S, Q, PF, THDu, THDi, Cosø, I, U (Test results)).
The MI 3394 CE MultiTesterXS will be launched together with other parts of the EOL testing suite.
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