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Metrel PQA: New firmware

Our power quality analysers (PQAs) are subject to constant improvement, not the least through firmware upgrades that unlock new features and improve existing functionalities. The latest firmware, encompassing multiple PQAs, is a good example.
Power quality analysers benefiting from the new firmware:
  • MI 2893 Power Master XT; ver 1.0.3630 (HW8.0).
  • MI 2892 Power Master; ver 3.0.3631 (HW9.0).
  • MI 2885 Master Q4; ver 3.0.3631 (HW9.0).
  • MI 2884 Energy Master XA; ver 1.0.2436 (HW2.0/HW3.0/HW4.0).
  • MI 2883 Energy Master; ver 1.0.2436 (HW2.0/HW3.0/HW4.0).
List of changes in firmware (for all aforementioned PQA models):
  • Energy recorder can now run outside the General recorder.
  • Upgraded “Auto range “current clamps functionality. Actual current is now calculated from the regular measurement during current range – recorded periods longer than 1 minute now have a regular value.
  • Addition of LCD “Backlight” option.
  • Changed background colour for better presentation of white coloured signals.
  • Addition of offset calibration option for A 1636 Current clamp DC 2000 A, AC 1000 A.
  • Addition of GPS coordinates (through the use of the A 1355 GPS Receiver).
  • Implemented E-Meter testing functionality (MI 2892/2885 only). Testing of accuracy of electronic and mechanical kWh/kvarh meters (domestic and industrial).
  • Support for Ripple Factor (R.F) for DC signals.
  • Addition of energy (kWh) presentation for INV-1W and INV-3W connection.
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