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Metrel PQA: GPS location data

Another important new feature of some of our power quality analysers (PQAs), courtesy of new firmware (announced in one of previous newsletters), is display of GPS coordinates of the PQA’s current location. Naturally, the supported analysers don’t have a built-in GPS module and require the (optional) A 1355 GPS receiver to make use of this feature. The receiver should ideally be placed outside closed spaces for easier connection and faster acquisition of location data.
Location data as viewed
on the PQA:
Location data as viewed in PowerView3.0 PC software:
Location as viewed in Google Maps:
Supported power quality analysers:
  • MI 2893 Power Master XT, FW version 1.0.3630 (HW8.0).
  • MI 2892 Power Master, FW version 3.0.3631 (HW9.0).
  • MI 2885 Master Q4, FW version 3.0.3631 (HW9.0).
How to use the A 1355 GPS receiver
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