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Metrel on holiday: till we’re back

As you already know, we will be absent from Monday, July 26 and till Friday, August 6, 2021, but rest assured we will be present in spirit. Joke aside, as soon as we are back we will launch several new promotional and instructional videos, so keep an eye on our YouTube channel to keep up to date. Even better, you can subscribe and automatically receive a notification when we publish a new video.
Till then, you can take a look at two new videos we have produced and published (links down below) – if you haven’t already (they were announced in previous newsletters).

VIDEO: Metrel thermal cameras

Click on the image on the left to watch a promotional video about our thermal cameras.

VIDEO: Testing in mobile homes

Click on the image on the right to watch an instructional video about electrical safety testing in mobile homes with MI 3155 EurotestXD.

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