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NEW PRODUCT: MI 3209 TeraOhmLT 10kV

We are excited to announce the launch of MI 3209 TeraOhmLT 10kV, the newest addition to our line of high voltage insulation testers. A successor to the now technologically obsolete MI 3200 TeraOhm 10 kV (out of production), the MI 3209 TeraOhmLT 10kV is a rugged, portable tester with excellent IP protection (IP65) and with an array of industry-standard supported test and measurement functions and features.
Supported measurement/testing procedures and features:
  • Insulation resistance measurement.
  • Diagnostic testing (PI, DAR, DD).
  • Step voltage testing.
  • Withstanding voltage testing with voltages up to 10 kV (DC).
  • Measurement (TRMS) of voltage (up to 550 V) and frequency.
  • Measurement of capacitance.
  • Measurement range of insulation resistance up to 10 TΩ.
  • Adjustable test voltage in steps of 50 V (50 V ... 1 kV) and 100 V
    (1 kV ... 10 kV).
  • Charging rate for capacitive load < 3 s / μF at 10 kV.
  • Automatic discharge of test object after completion of measurement.
  • High voltage breakdown detection.
  • High EM interferences protection: input AC current noise rejection
    (1 mA∞600 V) and additional averaging of the result (5, 10, 30, 60).
Additionally, like our other high voltage insulation testers, the MI 3209 TeraOhmLT 10kV is both mains and battery (lead-acid) powered, offering users additional flexibility when working in more demanding environments where the mains or other sources of electricity are lacking. And, as is expected of a such a versatile instrument, it supports the transfer of test results (through an isolated RS-232 or USB port) to a PC for further analysis and report creation (using the SW 0113 HVLink PRO PC software).
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