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Metrel MI 3325: comprehensive FW upgrade

We are constantly innovating, developing new products and technologies, and improving existing ones, giving them a new breath of life and extended functionality. The latest product that received this treatment, in the shape of a new firmware, is the MI 3325 MultiServicerXD. It already has a myriad of features, but a few more never hurt, as don’t improvements to existing ones. That’s particularly true of those that harness the enhanced usability of the many different supported accessories.

There’s more. The new firmware (version 1.2.31.c9711c6c) brings, among others, support for testing on 1,5 kV photovoltaic switchgears, which are fast becoming the standard in the PV field. Another helpful functionality is the ability to test 1-phase P-RCDs from a test socket and the option of remote execution of some tests using the commander or the remote-control pedal – full list of such features down below. 
Highlighted new features and improvements:
  • Support for custom lists in the memory organizer.
  • Upgraded Discharge time (Residual voltage) measuring function.
  • Upgraded HV measuring function (100 mA limit enabled up to 2,7 kV) for testing of 1,5 kV photovoltaic switchgears.
  • Support for signal lights operation from Single tests.
  • Support for remote execution of Single tests using either A 1511 Tip commander or A 1495 Remote control pedal.
  • Addition of sub-results of an AC and DC component in measurements of IPE and Itou leakage.
  • Support for testing 1-phase P-RCDs from a test socket (functions: trip out time/PRCD-t and trip out current/PRCD-I).
Beside these, there are many other new features and improvements, too numerous to list here, though they can be found in the release notes. Additionally, we have prepared a dedicated brochure with in-depth information about all the highlighted new features and improvements. Both documents, together with the actual new firmware, are available at the URLs down below.
Latest firmware release notes
Download latest firmware
Download the brochure about the new MI 3325 MultiServicerXD FW
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