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Why it makes sense to switch from EuroLink to MESM?

Testing and measuring industry is in the state of constant evolution, driven by changes in standards, legislation and technology, both on the part of testing and measuring solutions and tested objects. Metrel is acutely aware of this fact and is dedicated to constant innovation, which is mirrored in the introduction of new products on a nearly yearly basis and upgrades of existing ones.
This entails not only physical products, but also software like MESM and EuroLink, both of which are topics of this and subsequent newsletters, dealing with notable differences between them and exploring the superiority of MESM.
The Metrel Electrical Safety Manager (MESM) is the premiere software solution for use in conjunction with multifunctional electrical installation testers and selected other instruments (more on that later), designed on an entirely new platform that enables nearly infinite upgradeability.

EuroLink on the other hand was designed for use with only multifunctional electrical installation testers, some of which have already been out of production (or will be in the near future), and only works on operating systems up to Win 7, forcing the user to use older operating system or switch to MESM (best option). Consequentially, we have ceased releasing upgrades for EuroLink and are not planning to support this product in any other way in the near future.
Though, lack of continuing upgrading (sans any critical bugs that might arise) and limited number of supported instruments (particularly newer models) are not the only shortcomings of EuroLink. More about that in the next newsletter.
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