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NEW product: MI 2893 Power Master XT

The power quality analysis (PQA) line of product just got a new flagship, the MI 2893 Power Master XT. It is developed on the same hardware platform as our other 3rd generation PQA products and encased in identical field-proven rugged casing, but has several new features, which distinguish it from the rest.

The two main features are the support for transient sampling frequency 1 MHz (simultaneously on all eight channels) and transient trigger detection level/envelope on voltage and current, followed by transient detection on neutral voltage and neutral current and transient selection between N and GND. The instrument also has a new data folder structure for easier management of recorded data and enables simultaneous work of general, waveform and transient recorder.
Other relevant features are the same as those found in MI 2892 Power Master and include inrush current detection, measurement of power harmonics, inverter efficiency, variable frequency drives (VFD) and support for measurements on 400 Hz systems. Likewise worth mentioning are support for IEEE 1459 measurement method, IEEE 519 current harmonics analysis, EN 50160 power quality report creation, waveform registration in case of event/alarms and energy demand report creation.
The MI 2893 Power Master XT is a Class A analyser (IEC 61000-4-30 Ed.3 Class A), but is still under evaluation by an independent certification organisation. We expect the certification process to conclude in Q4 2020.
Such a myriad of features make the new MI 2893 Power Master XT a powerhouse amongst the power quality analysers on the market and put it shoulder to shoulder with the best products our competition can muster.
More about MI 2893 Power Master XT
Contact your designated area sales manager for more information about the MI 2893 Power Master XT.
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