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What’s it all about: Electric Blue

It was in the mid-19th century that the discovery of blue hue glow during an electric discharge, was first observed. Electric Blue is the colour of an electric spark, lightning and ionized argon gas.
Metrel company was created around the curiosity for everything electric. It’s what drives us forward. We explore our passion by creating precise and safe instruments and accessories, so that fellow electrical engineers can understand, analyse and measure electricity.

When Metrel went through a re-organisation in the mid-1990s, a new logo was designed, incorporating the Electric Blue colour.
In 2015 redesign of our website, catalogues and fairs took place, giving them a more modern look. Metrel Electric Blue is now prominently used in all our communication, making the Brand more consistent. In 2020 we plan to continue refining our designs on Instruments and in Software.
Our goal is to strengthen the Metrel brand, increase its visibility, and to build a relationship with our current and potential customers.

We invite you to participate in this process, and engage the Marketing team.
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