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NEW A 1694 Tip commander 2.5 m

Electrical safety testing of portable appliances and machines can be a difficult process if done with substandard testing equipment and accessories. Fortunately, there are technical solutions like our AUTO SEQUENCEs, which make testing and measuring faster and more convenient than with traditional methods. But, their usability really shines through when paired with appropriate accessories.
One such accessory is the new A 1694 Tip commander 2.5 m, which is designed for use with MI 3360 OmegaPAT XA (all models) and easy (remote) execution of a number of tests that traditionally done with a probe. List of supported testing procedures is down below.

Tests done with A 1694 Tip commander 2.5 m:
  • Continuity up to 25A
  • Protective earth
  • Insulation with probe
  • Substitute leakage with probe
  • Touch leakage
  • Applied part leakage
  • Equipment leakage
The A 1694 Tip commander 2.5 m is supported from FW version 1.7.10.b27724f onward. Instruments with older FW versions require an update through the Metrel ES Manager (MESM) software.
More about A 1694 Tip commander 2.5 m
Contact your designated area sales manager for more information about A 1694 Tip commander 2.5 m (availability and prices).
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