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PQA: Short registration period vs long time recording

General recording might be the most basic function (in our products and in general) in power quality analysers, but at the same time the most important one. Since users are usually interested in a large number of monitoring registers, we have decided not to limit the number of recorded registers and offer users selectable recording periods (custom time interval from 1 second to 2 hours), though without sacrificing the number of registers (even at 1 second interval).
Recording sessions with a registration period of 1 second usually generate huge files (up to a few GB), causing issues with largest supported file size in FAT32 (microSD are formatted to that file system). To mitigate this, we have implemented (in models MI 2893 Power Master XT, MI 2892 Power Master and MI 2885 Master Q4) an auto recorder restart. In other words, when recorder stops due to reaching the maximum available length (set at 1.666 GB), it will automatically start a new recording period.
In this manner a single microSD card with a capacity of 7.566 GB (nominal 8 GB) can save 4 entire recording sessions (each 12 hours long) and an additional 6 hours (all together 4x12 hours + 6 hours, i.e. 2 days and 6 hours of recordings). This approach also works for other time intervals (not just 1 second), maximizing usage of storage capacity on the selected microSD card.
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