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REMINDER: A 1532 XA EVSE adapter

The 2021 will undoubtedly bring many challenges. Hopefully not those connected with the current pandemic, which is planned to be managed by the newly developed vaccines, but providing and maintaining electrical safety and reliability of electrical installations. Domestic installations are under greater strain from increased use of electricity by the general population, bound to their dwellings due the preventive measures (COVID-19 propagation mitigation), while the same could not be said for many industrial ones (curtailed operation owning to the same/additional preventive measures).

However, regardless of their utilization, electrical installation safety is or at least should be the number one priority. This is particularly true for those associated with emerging technologies, subject to greater public scrutiny if their safety is perceived as being questionable. A good example would be public electric vehicle charging stations that are increasing in number, concurrently with the number of electric vehicles in use. Let’s also not forget private charging equipment electric vehicle users have installed in their garages. In short, all require first and periodic safety and functional testing (checking if they work properly, i.e. as designed by the manufacturer) to ensure trouble free and safe (for both users and their cars) operation.
There are several technical solutions for safety and functional testing on the market, but few if any as versatile as the A 1532 XA EVSE adapter. Like its predecessor (A 1532 EVSE adapter), it offers all the standard functionalities like support for full functional and 6 mA EV RCD testing and even has an BNC connector for CP signal monitoring.

However, the A 1532 XA EVSE has additional functionalities:
  • Load testing with a current of up to 13 A (on 1-phase socket or on 3-phase banana sockets).
  • PE open fault simulation.
  • Diode short fault simulation.
The A 1532 XA EVSE adapter is supported by all Metrel multifunctional electrical installation testers, but some models don’t support all functionalities or EVSE-specific Auto Sequences. Consult the product page or datasheet for more information about compatibility.
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