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Going professional with A 1685 Professional protective waterproof carrying case

We make products for a wide variety of end users, from part-time electricians to consummate professionals, but design them to fit the needs of the latter. Naturally, this philosophy is not limited to instruments themselves, but also extends to accessories, ranging from test probes, leads, crocodile clips, various adapters and carrying cases and bags. They have to be up to standards when it comes protection category (if applicable for specific accessory) and withstand extended heavy use - particularly true for cases/bags that carry the instrument and/or accessories. We also upgrade them constantly, on the basis of our own experiences and external cues, like in the case of our PQA line of products and requests from certain markets and a number of professional users for a new type of carrying case.

This has prompted us to offer an entirely new case for our power quality analysers - A 1685 Professional protective waterproof carrying case. It is made from high-impact polypropylene, is IP67 rated and has an automatic pressure equalization valve to ensure easy opening after altitude or temperature changes as well as a lock to discourage potential theft. The inside on the other hand is made from soft, pliant foam for an additional layer of protection of both the instrument and all the accessories.
The A 1685 Professional protective waterproof carrying case therefore substitutes A 1500 Professional protective waterproof case as one of two hard cases available for easy and convenient transport of Metrel’s power quality analysers and accessories (the other one being A 1577 Professional protective waterproof case with a telescopic handle and wheels).

The A 1685 Professional protective waterproof carrying case will be included in all Class A power quality analysers (advanced, standard and EU set) from 1. 10. 2019 onwards.
Additionally, the case is available for purchase separately (for Class S power quality analysers), as an optional accessory.
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Note (presented images): The A 1685 Professional protective waterproof carrying case does not include any accessories by default, only as a part of a product (MI 2892 Power Master) accessory set.
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