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Metrel end-of-line (EOL) testing solution – part 3

In the previous newsletter we covered the MI 3394 CE MultiTesterXS, the central control unit of the Metrel EOL testing suite. The MI 3394 CE MultiTesterXS acts as a communication relay and a sort of a conductor, while the safety modules, second most important components of the suite, are members of an orchestra. Music analogy aside, the safety modules are dual-function devices. They act as protective gateways, isolating the user from the testing line (preventing contact with live voltage during both normal and faulty operation) and connection hubs for testing accessories (test leads with probes, crocodile clips, specialized adapters etc.).
List of safety modules & their safety mechanisms (short description):

S 2109 Safety Module with RFID sensor

Open/closed testing cage’s door RFID sensing with emergency STOP switch.

S 2110 Safety Module with light barrier sensor

Light curtains with emergency STOP switch.

S 2111 Safety Module with two hand control

Two-hand control panel.

S 2115 Safety Module with current limitation

Two-part device with separate current monitor for emergency disconnection if test current exceeds 3 mA.
In the spotlight: S 2109 Safety Module with RFID sensor

The S 2109 Safety Module with RFID sensor is designed for integration in testing cabinets and cages with sliding or tilt-up doors. It comes with an RFID sensor for sensing when the door is open or closed; if it’s open even a little bit, the module disconnects the measuring circuitry from the rest of the testing line and from mains supply, thus preventing contact with potentially dangerous voltage.
The user also has the option of immediately terminating operation with a manual STOP switch, which should be installed within easy reach. Part of the module accessory package is also the START switch for restarting the testing process once the fault is corrected and it’s safe to continue working.

The S 2109 Safety Module with RFID sensor will be launched together with other parts of the EOL testing suite.
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