Please follow the following instructions carefully.

1.) Download and save any prior test results stored in the instruments memory as these are deleted as part of the flashing process.
2.) Connect a PC to the instrument with a serial cable (Supplied with the tester), either direct to computer or via a usb/serial converter.
3.) Unzip the attached zip file.
4.) Open the extracted folder.
5.) Run "FlashProgrammer.exe".
6.) Select the COM port to which serial cable is connected to.
7.) If connected, disconnect the charger.
8.) On instrument hold down TAB key and turn ON the instrument (or connect charger).
(Display will start to flicker)
9.) Press START button on PC-SW.
10.) Wait until the instrument's firmware is updated.
11.) Run initial settings from the instruments menu.
12.) Clear all memory.

EXTRA Notes:

Your computers comm port can be identified by viewing windows device manager and looking in "Ports/ Comm & LPT" if nothing is listed here you do not
have a comm port or the drivers for the USB/Serial converter are not correctly installed.

Upgrade files; 

Firmware HV6.0 MI3105 ver.

Video Instructions;