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Overview of Metrel Black Box protocol

That our top-of-the-line instruments have unprecedented versatility is no mystery, and there are few if any comparable contenders on today’s markets. A select few can even be integrated in larger systems and controlled remotely or have their data accessed by a third-party software. This can be done with tools like SW 1203 Metrel SDK, which is far from being new as it has been launched some time ago.

However, what is new is a large knowledge repository (located at Metrel Knowledge Base) with plenty of information on how to effectively use SW 1403 Black Box protocol. We have also “refreshed” its product page.

Black Box protocol

SW 1403 Black Box protocol is a system of rules that allows a personal computer (PC) as a master to start communication by sending the request command to the instrument, which answers according to the protocol; it enables two-way communication intended for controlling an instrument as a black box.
SW 1403 Black Box protocol knowledge repository
SW 1403 Black Box protocol
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