SW 1403 Black Box protocol

PC Software

The Black Box protocol is a system of rules that allows a PC (Personal Computer) as a master to start communication by sending the request command to the instrument, which answers according to the protocol. Black Box protocol enables a two-way communication intended for controlling an instrument as a Black Box.


Supported functionalities of Black Box protocol

The Black Box protocol supports all measurement functionalities provided by the individual Metrel instrument; both Single Test and Auto Sequence measurements.
Black Box protocol supports all available communication with Metrel instruments: Ethernet, RS232, USB and Bluetooth.

Usage of Black Box protocol

Black Box protocol can be used with terminal application such as Kitty (which is freely available from internet) and alike.

The Black Box protocol is also designed to be used with other PC software engineering tools such as Visual Basic and LabView, which, with some effort, can be used to perform remote communications between PC and test instrument.

Black Box protocol is supported in new generation of Metrel test instruments and is free of charge; no additional licenses are needed for using it.

Black Box protocol is also included in Metrel SDK; see Metrel SDK internet site for additional info.


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SW 1403 Black Box protocol en 2022 18.11.2022 pdf 1.3 MB

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