MI 3394 EU CE MultiTesterXA Featured

Machine and switchboard testers

The MI 3394 CE MultiTesterXA is a portable instrument intended for electrical safety testing and CE certification of electrical appliances, machines and switchboards during the production. The instrument features in strong data management facility enabling the user to create custom auto-tests with predefined limits for pass/fail evaluation, to import predefined structure including test sequences or complete projects from PC software, plus strong memory organizer. The PC software MES-Manager enables the upload of automated test sequences, projects, downloading of test results to the PC, automatic data storage into a file, printing of test reports. Due to selected test functions, durable construction and accompanying PC SW package CE MultiTesterXA is the perfect instrument for electrical safety testing in the most demanding environments like laboratories, automated production lines or specialized workshops.


Standards applied

IEC/EN 50191

  • IEC/EN 50191

IEC/EN 60335

  • IEC/EN 60335-1

IEC/EN 60598

  • IEC/EN 60598-1

IEC/EN 60950

  • IEC/EN 60950

IEC/EN 61439

  • IEC/EN 61439-1

IEC/EN 61557

  • IEC/EN 61557 series
  • IEC/EN 61557 relevant parts

VDE 0701 - 0702

  • VDE 0701 - 0702

IEC/EN 61010

  • IEC/EN 61010 series
  • IEC/EN 61010-2-030


Measuring functions

  • High Voltage, programmed (AC/DC);
  • High Voltage, burn test (optional A 1560);
  • Continuity tests;
  • Insulation resistance measurement;
  • Substitute leakage current;
  • Differential leakage current;
  • Touch leakage current;
  • PE-leakage current;
  • Discharge time;
  • Functional test (power P/S/Q, voltage, current, cos fi, frequency, ThdU, ThdI,PF).

Key features

  • Data management: the instrument features in unique user friendly data management facility and state of the art memory organizer.
  • Multiple test terminals: different test terminals enabling the user to choose from performing single tests or autosequences from single test socket.
  • MicroSD: support for microSD memory card (8-GB supplied with the instrument) up to 32GB.
  • Colour display: 3.4˝colour LCD display with touch screen.
  • Hi-pot: high voltage AC (5.1kV at 500VA) and DC (6kV) test.
  • Continuity: 4 – wire continuity test with selectable test current (0.2 A, 4 A, 10A, 25A) enabling precise measurements.
  • Communication: 4 – RS232, USB, Ethernet and Bluetooth communication ports enabling downloading, uploading and remote control over instrument.  
  • Multi-system testing: the instrument can be used on TT, TN, IT and 115 V supply systems.

Technical data

  • Dimensions (w x h x l): 43,5 x 29,2 x 15,5 cm
  • Mass (without accessories): 17 kg


Renewable energy sources

  • Wind power generation

Installations exceeding 1 kv

  • Testing contacts, joints and switches

Appliance and machine safety 

  • Machines and fixed connected loads safety



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