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The Metrel Electrical Safety Manager is a common application for management of a wide palette of Metrel’s electrical safety testers, portable appliance testers, machine testers, transformer testers, earthing testers and industrial safety testers. The application has a unified user interface with the new generation of Metrel’s instruments - same view, same meaning. It enables the pre-treatment for the measurements, viewing, and editing of the measurement results, and generation of professional reports. Depending on the instrument model or type, the user can create AUTOSEQUENCEs, custom tests, or single tests. They can be integrated into the custom-created test structures and then uploaded onto the measurement instrument. The downloaded measurement results can be viewed, analysed, edited, and finally a professional report can be created and printed. The professional reports are predefined according to national standards and regulatory organisations where the user enters all the needed protocol data while the measurement results are automatically inserted into the predefined forms.


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How To

How To

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Key features

  • Common platform for a wide range of Metrel’s instruments: a Windows based application for most of the future Metrel’s instruments.
  • Multilevel test structure editor: the installation structure can be created in advance on the PC and then simply uploaded to your tester.
  • Measurement editor: enables definition of tests within the test structure with all parameters and sub parameters. After the structure is uploaded to the instrument, such predefined tests can be selected and started without additional settings.
  • AUTO SEQUENCEs editor: application for easy and efficient preparation of AUTO SEQENCEs or custom tests.
  • Report creator: enables automatic generation of professional test reports which include visual inspections of tested objects and test results in tabular form.
  • Multilingual reports according to local regulations: different languages for the application and reporting are supported.
  • Export of test results: test results in text (.csv) or .xml format can be exported to other programs.

The BASIC license allows the user to

  • Upload structures with empty or already performed measurements to the measuring device.
  • Upload and download Auto Sequences (depending on the support in the tester).
  • Download structures prepared with the measuring device to MESM.
  • Download measured data to MESM.
  • Print results and create a basic report.
  • Upgrade FW on the device.
  • Synchronize licenses between the measuring device and the PC.

The PRO license allows the user to

  • Perform all operations as described above for BASIC license.
  • Print professional reports.
  • PRO export to Excel.



Manual Language Version Release Notes Type Size Download
SW 1201 Metrel Electrical Safety Manager (MESM) en 2.4.11 31.01.2024 20 752 515 pdf 4.2 MB Login
SW 1201 Metrel Electrical Safety Manager (MESM) Multi-Language 19.02.2024 zip 14.49 MB Login
PC Software Language Version Release Notes Type Size Download
SW 1201 Metrel Electrical Safety Manager (MESM) Multi-Language 06.05.2024 Readme zip 369.81 MB Login

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