MI 3295 Step Contact Voltage Measuring System

Earth testers

The MI 3295 Step Contact Voltage Measuring System is a voltage measuring system intended for testing and verification of protective earthing of power stations, substation and other power systems. The system consists of Station for current generation and autonomous voltage Meter. Due to high test current (up to 55 A) and effective noise cancellation the MI 3295 ensures very accurate and stable measurements of Step and Contact Voltages with the resolution down to 10 µV. A few voltmeters can be used simultaneously for faster analysis of voltage distribution around the tested object. All test results and parameters can be saved into the instrument’s memory for further downloading, analysis and test report printing with the help of the PC SW Metrel ES Manager or HVLink PRO.


Standards applied

IEC/EN 61557

  • IEC/EN 61557-5

HD 637 S1

  • HD 637 S1

RAT 2008

  • RAT 2008

IEEE 81-2012

  • IEEE 81-2012


Measuring functions

  • Step voltage;
  • Contact voltage;
  • Specific earth resistance;
  • Earth resistance;
  • Potential;
  • Leakage current.

Key features

  • Accurate: high accuracy of the measurements due to a high current of up to 50 A and effective suppression of noise.
  • Noise immunity: excellent immunity even against changing earth currents.
  • Autonomous Step Voltage meter: no need for long potential leads; a few meters can be used simultaneously.
  • Safe: high safety due to low output voltage (55 V).
  • Low weight: the weight of the Station is 29.5 kg only.
  • Memory: up to 1000 test results can be saved into the 3-level internal memory of the system.
  • PC SW Metrel ES Manager or HVLink PRO included in the standard set enables downloading and analysis of results and printing of test reports.

Technical data


  • Dimensions (w x h x l): 563 X 275 X 257 mm
  • Weight (with batteries, without accessories): 29.5 kg


  • Dimensions (w x h x l): 230 X 103 X 115 mm
  • Weight (with batteries, without accessories): 1.3 kg



  • Power generation
  • Thermal energy power plants
  • Using disconnected transmission lines in measurements

Renewable energy sources

  • Renewable powerplants
  • Hydroelectric power
  • Wind power generation
  • Fall of potential method for solar and wind stations

Power distribution

  • Power distribution

Substations and transformers

  • Step and touch voltages with simulated fault
  • Voltage funnels and earthing integrity

Installations exceeding 1 kv

  • Contact, touch and step voltages
  • Specific earth resistance measurement methods
  • High and low frequencies for earth resistance measurement



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