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The advanced communication protocol SDK is an interface for data communication with Metrel new generation test instruments and can be used to conveniently download and upload projects and Auto Sequence®s. The SDK itself is a set of subroutine definitions, protocols, and tools for building application software. It is intended for those who want to develop software using .NET platform and need to interface with Metrel instruments.The Metrel Instrument Communication SDK bundles client libraries for accessing Metrel instruments and provides a unified programming interface using C# programming language. The SDK includes a set of API calls which makes communication with Metrel instruments simple for the user. It provides a way to manipulate data from instruments using a generic data model and makes available a set of rules for extracting and viewing data.


SDK capabilities

  • SDK enables access to all measurements on all new generations of Metrel instruments in case the whole database is coupled with the Ion SDK.
  • It is possible to get access to only a subset of Metrel instruments. In this case the SDK is compiled with a database subset. The SDK compiled in such a way will be able to recognize only the measurements of supported instruments.
  • If required, Metrel may decide to add new instruments. In this case the customer would obtain a new version of the SDK with added instruments and measurements in the SDK database.

SDK supported functionalities

  • Get basic instrument information.
  • Instrument Firmware update check (check-fw).
  • Lists, uploads/downloads workspaces in a file or on an instrument.
  • Measurement upload/download based on the SDK included database.
  • Auto Sequence® upload/download based on the SDK included database.
  • Black-Box protocol for online communication with portable appliance testers.
  • Structure object creation.
  • Empty measurement creation.
  • Export to XML.
  • Exports workspace data to selected target.
  • Licence upgrade.
  • The SDK recognises: the licence, the profile and the workspace.
  • SDK comes together with a mini demo GUI and DataDisplay Framework Visualizer which also supports exporting data to XML.
  • The export to XML function also exports the XML scheme, which the programmer may use for creating POCO (Plain Old Common language runtime Object) objects in various programming languages.
  • Supports Command Line Interface CLI (calls) and includes CLI help.
  • Black-Box protocol for remote communication via Ethernet, RS232, USB or Bluetooth.
  • The Metrel Electrical Safety Manager (MESM) uses the SDK for communication with Metrel instruments.

The Black-BOX protocol

  • SDK enables easier handling of Metrel’s communication protocol called the Black-Box protocol (BB protocol). The BB protocol may be enabled or disabled via the Metrel SDK library. With it a two-way communication intended for controlling an instrument as a Black-Box is enabled. The BB protocol is a system of rules that allows a PC as a master to start communication by sending the request command to the instrument, which answers according to the protocol. This enables hands free operation as the control over the tester is delegated to an automatized system. The BB protocol solution is primarily suitable for automatized production line testing, but has found its use in other applications such as portable appliance testing and in some rare cases also in electrical installation safety testing.
    For presentation purposes Metrel has developed a PC SW application called Black-Box Demo, which allows remote control over the tester via different communication ports (Ethernet, RS232, USB or Bluetooth).
  • The Black-Box demo enables the user to start an Auto Sequence® from the tester remotely and it enables an automatic print out of the test report after the Auto Sequence® is completed. The Black-Box protocol is also designed to be used with other PC SW engineering tools such as Visual Basic, C++ and LabView, which, with some effort, can be used to perform remote communications between your computer and test instrument, as well as gather and store data for later analysis. However, if you simply wish to manually enter one command at a time through a communication port (Ethernet, RS232, USB or Bluetooth), a communications package, such as HyperTerminal, can be very useful. Although the Black-box protocol may be used independently of the Metrel SDK we strongly advise to use it through the Metrel SDK. Using the Metrel SDK will shorten the development time and decrease the development effort.

Possible business models

Metrel proposes three types of business models. For each business model the way support is handled differs. The models are:

  • Enterprise SDK
  • Professional SDK
  • Basic SDK
  • SDK as a service (SDKaaS)



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