SW 1203 Metrel SDK

PC Software

Metrel SDK is a Software Development Kit prepared for clients who wants to exchange and manipulate data measured with Metrel instrument in non MESM (Metrel ES Manager) environment, where clients use their own applications or/and services. Client can obtain MESM functionalities in his own applications or/and services by implementing Metrel SDK.


Supported functionalities of Metrel SDK

  • Displays instrument information.
  • Performs instrument Firmware update check.
  • Lists workspaces in file or instrument.
  • Creates empty measurements.
  • Creates structure objects.
  • Downloads Workspace or Auto Sequence® from instrument.
  • Downloads measurements from instrument.
  • Uploads Workspace or Auto Sequence® to instrument.
  • Uploads measurements to instrument.
  • Uploads license key to instrument.
  • Exports Workspace data to selected target.
  • Exports XML schemas from XML validation.
  • Supports CLI (Command Line Interface):
    - Exports to XML and JSON format (Flat and tree structure).
  • Supports Black-Box protocol for remote / online communication.
  • Supports all available communication with Metrel instruments: Ethernet, RS232, USB and Bluetooth.

Licenses for Metrel SDK

Metrel SDK is included in Metrel SDK zip package which is available from Metrel free of charge.

However, SDK license is required for new generation of Metrel testers (listed below) for Upload and Download functionalities of Metrel SDK: MI 3152, MI 3152H, MI 3154, MI 3155, MI 3280, MI 3290, MI 3295, MI 3325, MI 3360, MI 3394.

The SDK is licensed in the same way as Metrel MESM PC SW and Metrel aMESM Android App.
The SDK license is bound to a standard Metrel profile and serial number in the same way as any other Metrel licenses are.

Metrel SDK package

Metrel SDK is included in Metrel SDK zip package which is available from Metrel free of charge. Metrel SDK alone is a set of libraries located in »libs« folder.
Content of Metrel SDK zip package is described in table below.

Metrel SDK zip package
Folder name Folder content

cli folder
Contents command line interface application. Run “ion.exe” in Command Prompt to start application.

dVisualizer folder
Contents DataDisplay Framework Visualizer, which graphically describes basic entities and relations between them. Needed when programming Metrel SDK application. Run “DataDisplayFrameWorkVisualizer.exe” to start application.

demo Example of Metrel SDK application. Run “Ion.Sdk.DemoApp.exe” to start application.
docs Documents with presentations and guides for Metrel SDK package.
drivers USB drivers for Metrel instruments.
libs Metrel SDK
Contents libraries needed to be included in Visual studio project when programming application with Metrel SDK. File “cp_win.dll” (x86 or x64) should be added to final .exe file.
source Programming examples.




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