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Transformer testers

The MI 3280 Digital Transformer Analyser is a portable, battery (Li-ion) powered test instrument intended for diagnosing of turn ratio, phase deviation, excitation current and winding resistance of single and three phase transformers. It has an excellent IP protection: IP65 (case closed), IP54 (case open) allowing the use of the instrument in harsh environments. The operation is straightforward and clear to enable the user to operate the instrument without the need for special training. For advanced users the Auto Sequences and visual tests are available.


Standards applied

Electrical Energetics

  • EEA Competences: Electrical Energetic Installations with Automatic Trip-Out Ability
  • IEEE C57.12.90 Standard Test Code for Liquid-Immersed Distribution, Power, and Regulating Transformers
  • ASTM B 539 Standard Test Methods for measuring Resistance of Electrical connections (Static Contacts)
  • NMEA AB 4-2009 Guidelines for Inspection and Preventive Maintenance of Molded-Case Circuit Breakers Used in Commercial and Industrial Applications
  • El Real Decreto 223/2008 Regulation on technical conditions and safety guarantees in high voltage power lines and their complementary technical instructions ITC-LAT 01 to 09

Instrument safety towards user

  • IEC/EN 61010-1 Safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement, control, and laboratory use - Part 1: General requirements

EMC safety

  • IEC/EN 61326 Electrical equipment for measurement, control and laboratory use - EMC requirements - series


Measuring functions

  • Turn ratio measurement of single and three phase transformers;
  • Phase deviation between high voltage and low voltage winding;
  • Excitation current;
  • Winding resistance measurement of single and three phase transformers (Power Transformers up to 1,6 MVA).

Key features

  • High resolution colour touch screen, 4.3” TFT.
  • The operation is straightforward and clear to enable the user to operate the instrument without the need for special training.
  • Test results can be stored on the instrument. PC software that is supplied as a part of standard set enables transfer of measured results to PC where they can be analysed or printed.
  • Built-in help screens for referencing on site.
  • Autotest sequences.
  • Built-in charger and rechargeable batteries as standard accessory.
  • BT communication with PC, Android tablets and smart phones via built-in BT.
  • PC SW Metrel ES Manager for creation of test structures and uploading, downloading of test results, autotest editor and report creation.
  • High degree of protection IP 65 (case closed), IP 54 (case open).

Technical data

Dimensions (w x h x l): 360 X 160 X 330 mm. 
Weight (with batteries and accessories): 8.8 kg.



Type File Language Version Release Notes Type Size View Download
Datasheet MI 3280 DT Analyser en 2021 16.12.2021 pdf 679.73 KB
Datasheet SW 1203 Metrel SDK en 2022 10.11.2022 pdf 816.54 KB Login
Manual MI 3280 DT Analyser en 1.3.4 14.02.2020 20 752 598 pdf 5.17 MB Login
PC Software SW 1201 Metrel Electrical Safety Manager (MESM) Multi-Language 02.03.2023 Readme zip 351.17 MB Login



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