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Switching from EuroLink to MESM: Part 2

Differences between MESM and EuroLink also include functionalities that, once sampled, quickly become ubiquitous tools for optimizing day-to-day work with any of the supported instruments.
Main functional differences between MESM and EuroLink:
  • More supported report types (in MESM). Additionally, MESM supports more languages.
  • Special EVSE reports (in MESM). Electrical safety testing of EVSE (electric vehicle supply equipment) requires a specific report template.
  • The Auto Sequence® editor (in MESM). Users can prepare custom Auto Sequence®s in MESM and upload them on the instrument before going in the field.
  • Creation of test structures with integrated Auto Sequence®s and pre-loaded custom test/measuring parameters (most important distinction of MESM).
There is another major difference between the two software solutions that was hinted in the first newsletter, but will be further explored in the next and last newsletter in the series.
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