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Indoor Environment Quality

Universal handheld instruments for the measurement, logging and analysing parameters specific for indoor environments are designed to provide flexibility, versatility and convenience to most demanding of professional users.
  • (Depending on connected probes) they provide the measurement and analyses of temperature (air, black globe and contact), air velocity, relative humidity, illuminance, luminance or act as a sound level meter.
  • They provide a dew point, a mass flow, a PMV (predicted mean vote), a PPD (predicted percentage of dissatisfied), a WBGT (wet bulb globe temperature), the luminance contrast calculations as well as, the real-time octave and one third octave sound frequency analyses.
  • Provision of air temperature, air velocity, relative humidity measurement with only one microclimatic probe at the time.
  • Special design facilitates easy handling.
  • Optional probe connection with extension cable (illuminance/luminance/sound) or telescopic rod (air velocity, relative humidity and air temperature) available.
  • Advanced features: an oversized graphic display 160x160 dots with backlight, a tripod holder for an easy operation, the rechargeable batteries for up to 8 hours of continuous operation, an internal memory to store over 4000 readings, a self-management internal logger, a time and date display and the help menus.
  • Powerful logging software provided is used for data downloads to a computer and simplifies the creation of test reports.
  • Complies with all major international standards such as EN ISO 7726, ISO 7730, ISO 7243 for IAQ, DIN 5032 (Part 1 – Part 7) for luminance and illuminance, EN 12599 for HVAC, IEC 61672 and IEC 61260 Class 1 and Class 2 for sound.
  • Target customers: IAQ inspectors, HVAC engineers, safety officers, building managers, industrial hygienists and lab managers.

MI 6201 Multinorm

Universal all-in-one instrument for measurement of air temperature, air velocity, relative humidity, illluminance, luminance and the Class 1 (Pro Set) or Class 2 (Euro Set and Standard Set) sound analyses.

MI 6301 FonS

Completely digitalised Class 1 (Pro Set) or Class 2 (Euro Set) sound level meter with two independent measuring channels compliant with IEC 61672 standard. FonS is also a real-time octave and one third octave frequency analyser compliant with IEC 61260 standard.

MI 6401 Poly

Measurement functions for air temperature, air velocity, relative humidity, illluminance and luminance are all found within one device.