SW 1401 eMobility Android


The eMobility Android App is an additional testing tool for Android devices. It allows execution of functional measurements on Mode 2 or Mode 3 EVSE charging equipment through the A 1632 eMobility Analyser via Bluetooth, as well as a quick overview of already performed tests. All tests may be saved into an internal database for later viewing of results. The app is useful especially for users who already have a third-party multi-functional installation tester, but wish to save results of functional measurements for later analysis.


Key features

  • Functional EV simulation;
  • Functional error simulation;
  • Executing monitoring functional measurements during Mode 2 or Mode 3 charging of electrical vehicle (EV);
  • Monitor all relevant parameters (CP+, CP-, duty cycle with calculated charging current, frequency, voltages), including the state of the Control Pilot (CP);
  • Save data to internal database for later viewing of results.


Android Language Version Release Notes Type Size Download
SW 1401 eMobility Android en 04.01.2021 QR code External link Unknown

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