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PC Software

PowerView3 software is a powerful platform for downloading, analysing recorded data and creation of power quality test reports. PC Software contains a package of functionalities needed for profound evaluation of power quality phenomena, data comparison and creation of complex test reports. It works in conjunction with Metrel new generation power quality analysers. For the instruments equipped with GPRS functionality PowerView3 enables remote control of the instrument as well.


Key features

  • User friendly interface: wide range of quick buttons, possibility to customize the environment by dragging, docking and resizing the window tabs.
  • Structure: downloaded data is organized into Windows Explorer-like tree structure.
  • “Drag and drop”: downloaded data can be easily organized into multiple sites and sub-site locations.
  • Data filtering: data in a structure can be grouped by quantity or by phase.
  • Views: depending on selected record type, different views are available (Record Information view, Trend Chart view, Table view, Waveform Scope view, Voltage Quality view, etc.)
  • EN 50160 analysis: automatic voltage quality analysis in compliance with custom or predefined EN 50160 Power Quality criteria and quick report printing.
  • Chart zoom: chart can be zoomed depending on selected in a table value range.
  • Remore control: via GPRS communication remote handling of the instrument and its data can be executed.
  • GPS synchronization: simultaneous measurement on the different network points by using 2 or more synchronized instruments.
  • On-line monitoring: when instrument is connected with PC, real-time observing of signals and parameters is possible via PowerView3 while instrument is measuring / recording in the background.
  • Export of test results: test results can be filtered and exported to other programs (MS Excel, MS Word,CSV, TXT).
  • Reports: automatic generation of test reports from the selected views and data with attached graphs according specific standards/national specification, like: IEEE 519, GOST 32144/33073, Energy report, Energy demand report.
  • SW update: PowerView3 checks for new versions of the application and downloads updates from the Internet if necessary.


Type File Language Version Release Notes Type Size View Download
Manual SW 0802 PowerView3 en 1.7.8 26.01.2023 20 753 092 pdf 20.05 MB Login
PC Software SW 0802 PowerView3 (32-bit) Multi-Language 27.01.2023 Readme zip 164.99 MB Login
PC Software SW 0802 PowerView3 (64-bit) Multi-Language 27.01.2023 Readme zip 165.35 MB Login