Test station where test current for withstanding HV test does not exceed 3mA (S 2115)

End-of-line safety testing in production

Ensuring safety at work is a requirement of the association for employers' liability insurance. Safety requirements for execution of high voltage test are defined in the standard EN 50191.

Test stations with a current monitoring safety module are intended for production lines where withstanding test can be performed with low current output Itest < 3 mA. When such test station is used, the requirements of EN 50191 can be omitted.

The operator initiates the test sequence using the external start key. Despite the fact that safety is ensured by the current limit, the test station is additionally protected by a safety button for emergency shutdown.

IEC 60335-1 one of the most widely recognized standards in the field of testing electrical equipment in production lines. Annex A of the IEC 60335-1 specifies that routine tests are to be carried out by the manufacturer on each appliance to detect production variations that could impair safety. They are normally carried out on the completed appliance after assembly, but the manufacturer may perform the tests at an appropriate stage during production, provided that later manufacturing processes do not affect the results.

The following tests are the minimum considered necessary to cover essential safety aspects. It is the manufacturer’s responsibility to decide if additional routine tests are necessary. It may be determined from engineering considerations that some of the tests are impracticable or inappropriate and therefore need not be:

  • Earth continuity test
  • Dielectric strength test
  • Functional test


MI 3394 XS (Extra Safety) is a specialised test instrument designed for integration into production lines. The instrument permits connection of several safety sets for independent control of dangerous measurement circuits. It also supports user-created test sequences with comments, images, wiring diagrams and other extra content.

The parameters and limits can be adjusted for all tests. The instrument can be remotely controlled via black-box protocol, which makes it ideal for integration into automated test systems.

Main features of the instrument:

  • All features of MI 3394 CE MultiTesterXA.
  • Control of measuring circuits with help of Safety sets.
  • Perfectly suited for use in work places conforming to EN 50191.


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Associated Products

Accessory description:
The A 1600 CE Switch 5kV combines all features of the CE MultiTesterXS and extends them to four HV test channels and two 4-wire continuity test channels. The CE Switch could be used in conjunction with several separate connection boxes, containing various kinds of contacting to tested items. The operation of CE Switch is completely controlled by the master instrument, no user intervention during the tests is needed. I/O connections and LEDs for controlling the Autosequence® flow are integrated. Testing of electrical equipment with multiple connection points is supported. The switch recognizes the connected adapter and prevents from applying too high voltages/current to it (protection by HW and SW).
May be part of the following product sets (consult specific product page for more information):
Accessory description:
The A 1674 compact desktop enclosure is designed for integration of the CE Multitester instrument, or/and A 1600 SWITCH 5kV. Its design enables fast and simple integration of measuring components.
May be part of the following product sets (consult specific product page for more information):
Accessory description:
In many countries additional workplace safety measures are not needed during the high voltage testing with a.c. up to 3mA. If the current is higher than 3 mA a special test system with automatic protection against direct contact or a sealed off area with warning light and two-handed operation is required. This Safety module is intended for limitation of the test current in the HV tests to a safe level. It consists of two boxes. The first box S 2115_1 contains resistors that are connected in series with the HV measuring circuit. The resistors significantly reduce the output power of the high voltage circuit (short circuit power < 20 mA). The second box S 2115_2 contains a current monitor. If the test current exceeds 3 mA the inbuilt current monitor will disconnect the measuring circuits from the mains within a safe time. The START button is intended to activate the safety module after being (re-)energized.
May be part of the following product sets (consult specific product page for more information):
Accessory description:
It is wise to regularly, on daily basis inspect the test system. CheckBox has a built in electronic components with reference values, which proof that the measuring system is operating correctly. A 1625 CE checkbox is intended for checking of correct measurements for instruments like MI 3394, MI 3325, or with combination of mentioned one with A 1460, or with combination of mentioned one with A 1600 plus one of connection box.
May be part of the following product sets (consult specific product page for more information):

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