SW 1308 PATLink Android


The PATLink Android is a powerful tool. It enables fast and simple data management of tested appliances, as well as a quick overview of already performed tests by simply scanning a QR code. The application enables the user to enter and save data to the test instrument by using a Smart phones’ keyboard. Also it enables a creation of the custom made database for portable appliances’ ID’s, the appliances’ names and the appliances’ locations. All these features enable the user a faster and easier data handling. PATLink Android enables the user to scan the QR codes which contain information of the previous results, the test status, and the previously used test sequence. Based on this information the user can start the retest of the appliance with a single press on the Android application.


Key features

  • On - site comparison of the test results;
  • Creation of the custom database;
  • Use of Smart phones camera for the QR and Barcode scanning;
  • Use of Smart Phones virtual keyboard.

Additional features

  • In Built Risk Assessment tool to provide correct Re-Test periods in accordance with COP version 4;
  • Protect your business by applying QR codes instead of Bar Codes.




Manual Language Version Release Notes Type Size Download
SW 1308 PATLink Android (Setting up) en 1.1.1 30.03.2023 pdf 173.92 KB Login
Android Language Version Release Notes Type Size Download
SW 1308 PATLink Android en 04.01.2021 QR code External link Unknown

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