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PC software PATLink PRO is an advanced, user friendly software package designed with the portable appliance testing engineer in mind. The graphical interface with drag and drop data relocation, data filtering, data archiving functions and automatic report generation allows a variety of users with a range of different skills and abilities to create professional reports which include company logos. The PATLink PRO Plus software introduces extra features including the ability to reload data onto Metrel uploadable / downloadable testers, perform trend analysis on equipment and introduces PRO Plus certificates and individual appliance reports.


Key features

  • Full data filtering: All data can be filtered by different parameters: Retest Date, Test Date, Project, User, etc.
  • Tree style or table style: Data can be represented in tree or table view.
  • Drag and drop: The elements of the structure can be relocated and renamed.
  • Customer database: It allows test engineer to create his own database of customers fully equipped with all appropriate data.
  • Company logo loading: Load company logos into the software so that they can be printed on test reports.
  • Data backup: All downloaded data can be backed up to prevent the loss of valuable data for example in case of hard disk failure.
  • Appliance information editing: Allows you to edit data, e.g. to set up Retest Date, Repair Code, add Comments, etc.
  • Export of test results: Data of selected appliances together with test results can be exported to other programs (MS Excel, MS Word).
  • PDF report: Test Report can be transformed into PDF format.
  • Full built-in help files: Integrated help menu contains detailed explanation of PC SW handling.
  • Automatic self-test record keeping: Results of the CHECKBOX function (MI 3311 only) can be automatically transferred to the PC and printed onto the test reports.
  • “Plug & Play”: When meter is connected to the PC it is automatically recognized by the software.
  • Upload data back to GT tester: User can upload test results from the previous measurement session (e.g. from last year) so the same tests can be simply repeated and results of both measurements can be compared.
  • Autosequences upload: Test autosequences can be prepared via PATLink PRO and then sent to the tester (MI 3309, MI 3311) for testing speedup.
  • Structures upload: The structure of test site can be created in advance on the PC and then simply uploaded to the tester; if needed any deviations can be adjusted on the tester on site.
  • Trend analysis: Enables to compare test results of the last and previous tests.
  • Automatic PRO report generation: Enables automatic generation of Test Report (standard or full detailed).
  • PATLink PRO Plus professional reports: The PRO Plus report displays results as the PRO version but enables editing the information before printing the report.

Certificates for PRO version

  • Full detailed PRO Electrical equipment test report;
  • METREL PAT PRO Electrical equipment test report.
  • The following Certificates for PRO Plus version are available:
  • METREL PRO Plus (Single) Electrical equipment test report;
  • METREL Full detailed PRO Electrical equipment test report;
  • METREL PAT PRO Plus Electrical equipment test report.




PC Software Language Version Release Notes Type Size Download
SW 0201 PATLink PRO (64-bit) Multi-Language 2.0.6 30.11.2020 Readme zip 373.04 MB Login

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