SW 1309 Metrel IR Analyser (MIRA)

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Metrel IR Analyser (MIRA) is the companion software to the Metrel MD 9930 Thermal camera. The images are transferred from the camera to the PC via the USB cable or using the SD card. MIRA can be used for image analysis and reporting. Analysis options include measurements in points, lines or areas on the image. Any IR parameter like emissivity or temperature span can be adjusted. The edited and prepared images with the measurements can be added into reports. The simple report editor enables adding the company logo and editing the front page. The images in IR and visible light and the measurements tables are added automatically.


Key features

  • Open, edit and analyse IR images;
  • Intuitive and easy to navigate user interface;
  • Adapt any IR parameter: temperature span, emissivity, reflected temperature, ambient temperature, etc.;
  • Measure temperature in point, lines, areas or differentially;
  • Temperature statistics;
  • Analyse the measurements in graph or table;
  • Create reports with custom front page;
  • Images and measurements are added automatically;
  • Add comments to the report;
  • Dark theme is easy on the eyes.



PC Software Language Version Release Notes Type Size Download
SW 1309 Metrel IR Analyser (MIRA) Multi-Language 2.0.7 05.05.2021 Readme zip 64.55 MB Login

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