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The A 1722 PRCD Adapter is a multi-function test adapter intended for safety and functional testing of different types of 1-phase and 3-phase PRCDs. The adapter supports simulation of different error states and it has connection inputs for testing of PE wire (if monitored by PRCD), probe test (to test PRCD's touch electrode) and other applicable tests for standardized PRCD’s testing. If used together with the MI 3155 Eurotest XD AUTO SEQUENCE®, the complete PRCD can be tested (state-by-state) electrically and functionally with a push of a button. It is possible to create a professional PRCD-based report with MESM.

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Standards applied

Building LV Installation

  • EISinsp Competences: Low Voltage Electrical Installation Safety Inspection
  • EISc Competences: Low Voltage Electrical Installation Safety for Contractors and Maintainers

Portable appliances safety

  • VDE 0701 Inspection after repair, modification of electrical appliances - periodic
  • VDE 0702 Inspection on electrical appliances - general requirements for electrical safety
  • VDE 0661 Portable residual current devices without integral overcurrent protection for household and similar use (PRCDs)

Instrument safety towards user

  • IEC/EN 61010 Safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement, control, and laboratory use - series


Key features

  • Simulation of errors on input mains;
  • Accessible Inputs/Outputs for easy connection of safety testers;
  • Enables testing Continuity in PRCDs with the PE wire monitored.

Technical data

Dimensions (w x h x l): 360 x 160 x 330 mm.
Mass (without accessories): 4.8 kg.


Preventative maintenance

  • PRCD testing


Optional accessories


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A 1722 PRCD adapter en 2020 06.03.2020 pdf 498.3 KB
Manual Language Version Release Notes Type Size Download
A 1722 PRCD adapter en 1.1.3 04.06.2020 20 752 968 pdf 1.51 MB Login

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