MI 3242 MicroOhm 2A

Continuity testers

MI 3242 MicroOhm 2 A is a portable low resistance ohmmeter used to measure low resistances of switches, relays, connectors, bus bars, power distribution cable joints, motor & generator winding, power transformers, power inductors, rail track joints, wire and cable resistance, welding joints for industrial application, etc., with test current up to 2 A.

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Standards applied

Earthing and lightning protection 

  • IEC 62305 Protection against lightning - series

Electrical Energetics

  • EEA Competences: Electrical Energetic Installations with Automatic Trip-Out Ability
  • IEEE C57.12.90 Standard Test Code for Liquid-Immersed Distribution, Power, and Regulating Transformers
  • ASTM B 539 Standard Test Methods for measuring Resistance of Electrical connections (Static Contacts)
  • NMEA AB 4-2009 Guidelines for Inspection and Preventive Maintenance of Molded-Case Circuit Breakers Used in Commercial and Industrial Applications
  • El Real Decreto 223/2008 Regulation on technical conditions and safety guarantees in high voltage power lines and their complementary technical instructions ITC-LAT 01 to 09

Earthing and Grounding

  • EES Competences: Electrical Energetic Systems Earthing and Grounding Safety

Electrical switchboards safety

  • IEC/EN 62271 High-voltage switchgear and controlgear - series
  • IEC/EN 62271-1 High-voltage switchgear and controlgear - Part 1: Common specifications for alternating current switchgear and controlgear
  • IEC/EN 62271-100 High-voltage switchgear and controlgear - Part 100: Alternating current circuit-breakers


Measuring functions

  • Bidirectional resistance measurement from 1 μΩ up to 199,9 Ω with test current up to 2 A.

Key features

  • Four measuring modes: Automatic, single, continuous and inductive.
  • Automatic thermal EMF elimination: with automatic bidirectional measurement.
  • Accurate: 1 µΩ best resolution with 0.25% accuracy.
  • Noise rejection: 50 Hz / 60 Hz ripple detection and rejection.
  • Battery powered: more than 800 measurements of 500 mΩ load ∞ 2 A test current & 15 s measurement duration.
  • Safe: High overvoltage protection (CAT III / 600 V) allows measurement in substations and other points with low line resistance. Internal protection circuit protects user and instrument from inadvertent connection to lines.
  • Custom limits: Pre-programmed limits with PASS/FAIL evaluation of measurement result and bright REEN/RED indicators providing visual evaluation of the results.
  • Portable: Lightweight portable design.
  • Memory: Up to 1500 test results with timestamp can be stored in internal memory.
  • Downloadable: PC SW HVLink PRO enables downloading, review, analyses and printing of test results.

Technical data

  • Dimensions (w x h x l): 140 x 80 x 230 mm
  • Weight (with batteries, without accessories): 1.0 kg




Datasheet Language Version Release Notes Type Size Download
MI 3242 MicroOhm 2A en 2019 05.02.2019 pdf 564.94 KB
PC SW HVLink PRO en 1.0 03.04.2012 pdf 228.88 KB
Manual Language Version Release Notes Type Size Download
MI 3242 MicroOhm 2A en 1.1.4 10.09.2020 20 752 011 pdf 985.21 KB Login
MI 3242 MicroOhm 2A Multi-Language 2023 20.01.2023 zip 2.81 MB Login
DoC Language Version Release Notes Type Size Download
EU Declaration of Conformity Multi-Language 06.07.2023 QR code External link Unknown
PC Software Language Version Release Notes Type Size Download
SW 0113 HVLink PRO en 11.10 02.09.2021 Readme zip 21.81 MB Login

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