SW 0101 EuroLink PRO

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The EuroLink PRO / PRO Plus software works in conjunction with Metrel’s downloadable installation testers. The software automatically finds the instrument and allows the test engineer to download test results saved on the instrument, review the results, relocate test results (if required), print test reports and print installation structures for storing in the distribution board. With the more advanced Metrel installation testers, structures can be built with the software and uploaded to the instrument for easy installation navigation while performing on-site testing. Additionally the EuroLink PRO Plus software offers the ability to automatically generate professional PRO Plus Reports.


Key features

  • Automatic recognition of the instrument: when connecting your instrument to the PC it is automatically recognized by the software.
  • Simple graphical visualisation of the installation structure: enables graphical representation of the tested installation which makes it easy to navigate in the installation.
  • 10-level structures: in conjunction with MI 3105 and MI 3101 PC software enables creating the electrical installation structures with up to 10 levels and 4 levels for other models.
  • Rearranging of structures: the elements of the structure can be relocated and renamed.
  • Installation structures printing: structures can be printed and stored in the distribution board for easier later identification of the installation elements.
  • Structures upload: the installation structure can be created in advance on the PC and then simply uploaded to your tester. 
  • Export of test results: test results in text format can be exported to other programs (MS Excel, MS Word).
  • Automatic PRO Test Report generation: enables automatic generation of PRO Test Report (low, medium and high detailed).
  • Automatic PRO Plus Test Report generation (PRO Plus version only): enables automatic generation of PRO Plus Test Report which include visual inspection of tested object and test results in tabular form.
  • Suport of EuroLink Android: supports extended file format from EuroLink

Key features of PRO Plus test reports

  • Downloaded test results are automatically inserted onto PRO Plus forms.
  • Allows to fill out visual inspection form for tested fuse cabinet or earthing system.
  • Automatically selects worst case test results for form completion.
  • Easy test report generation and reviewing facilities.

PRO Plus test reports

  • PRO Plus Test Report
  • NICEIC certificates (UK)
  • ZVEH certificates (Germany)
  • SiNa certificates (Switzerland)
  • ÖVE certificates (Austria)
  • HD 384 certificates (Greek)
  • KEHE certificates (Greek)
  • GOST R 50571 (Russia)
  • UNE – 202008 certificates (Spain)



PC Software Language Version Release Notes Type Size Download
SW 0101 EuroLink PRO (UK) uk 5.17 18.03.2019 zip 31.93 MB Login
SW 0101 EuroLink PRO (EU) en 4.38 18.01.2022 Readme zip 60.59 MB Login
SW 0101 EuroLink PRO (ZVEH/SiNa/ÖVE) de 7.25 18.01.2022 Readme zip 37.81 MB Login
SW 0101 EuroLink PRO (ESP) es 8.3 01.12.2020 zip 48.09 MB Login

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